How to make a Paper Turtle

This is another article from the series “turtle crafts for kids”. Let`s learn how to make a Turtle out of paper/cardboard. But just know that this papercraft has nothing to do with the art of origami. We will make a turtle from a few cut-out pattern details. Papercraft turtle – lesson 1 You can see

How to make an Apple from sculptural clay

Let`s learn how to make an Apple from sculptural clay. If you want to learn sculpting it is best to start with sculpting from life. For example Apple is a great model for the first experiments in modeling. Take a large enough piece of clay. Give it a spherical shape. To level and smooth the

How to make a Cylinder from paper (cardboard)

Let`s learn how to make three-dimensional geometric figures from paper. During the first lesson we will make a paper cylinder. At first glance it seems that this DIY is very simple. But on yesterday’s lesson at school I saw the difficulties encountered by the children during the making of this DIY. So I decided to

How to sculpt a Triceratops out of clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a dinosaur from modeling clay – such as Triceratops. We’re not stingy and will sculpt large craft out of plasticine. This hack will not be difficult – in General, the Triceratops is quite simple in appearance. Large head, large torso and relatively short legs. The Triceratops neck was protected by

How to sculpt a lizard from clay

Let`s learn how to make a lizard from modeling clay. I mean sculpting with children in class with the purpose of development of the hands and skills of modeling. To inspire my children, I made a monitor lizard in the most typical pose – stretches relaxing in the sun push-UP from the ground. Children, of

How to sculpt a starfish from clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a starfish out of modeling clay. We have already studied how to draw starfish, you can sculpt it with full knowledge of the subject. But I know from experience that children often find it difficult to sculpt only on the imagination. So I give my young students the stencils. This

Modeling clay tiger molding step by-step

Let`s learn how to make a tiger out of modeling clay. I just want to inform you that it is a universal way of modeling any large predatory cats. If you want to sculpt a clay figure, then there is not much difference – tiger, leopard or Jaguar will be virtually identical. After all, we