How to make a decorative candlestick

With the advent of the Christmas holidays, many want to create a sense of festive coziness, today we will take a step by step a decorative candlestick.

We will need:
Two glass jars, a coffee coaster, two small “pill” candles, twine, natural dried moss, small cones, thuja cones, white acrylic paint, brush, scissors, glue gun.

Step 1

Lightly coat the cones with white paint.

Step 2

Use a glue gun to glue the necks of the jars with twine. If the diameter of the neck is larger than the diameter of the candle, glue twine on the inside of the neck.

Step 3

Insert the jars into the frame and decorate it with dried moss.

Step 4

Arrange and attach the cones

Insert the candles and the decorative candlestick is ready.

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