How to make a soft toy Choo-Choo Charles out of felt

How to make a soft toy Choo-Choo Charles out of felt

To make a toy we need:

– felt (red, white, black, yellow, gray)
– Acrylic paint (red, white, black)
– padding
– threads (red, black)
– scissors
– glue gun
– white pencil/chalk

Step 1
Making patterns

Step 2
Cut out all the details according to the patterns and from the felt

– cabin 10cm*10cm 8 pcs (red)
– bottom 10cm*10cm (red) + 10cm*3cm 4 pcs (black)
-Cab roof 12cm*12cm 2 pcs, 12cm*1,5 cm 4 pcs (black)
-cylinder 22,5 cm*8 cm ( red ) a circle with 7 cm diameter 2 pcs ( red )
– tube 6,5 cm * 2,5 cm 1 pc ( red)
– cut legs of any size and shape

Step 3
Sew all the parts together piece by piece, leaving a hole for filling with synthetic fibers



Step 4
Turn out parts to the front side (do not turn out the legs) and fill everything with padding. Sew up the holes



Step 5
Glue the parts together with the glue gun as shown in the photo



Step 6
Cut out the wheels from gray felt
– 4 cm in diameter 2 pcs
– 3 cm in diameter 2 pcs

Glue them with a glue gun to the toy as shown in the photo

Also cut out a circle 3 cm in diameter 1 piece of black felt and glue it to the top of the pipe.

Сut the headlights out of yellow felt and glue them on.


Step 7
cut out a circle 7 cm in diameter from white felt (this will be the muzzle)
Paint eyes and mouth on it. After the paint dries, glue it on with a glue gun.

Choo-choo Сharles is ready





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