How to make a Christmas wreath out of twigs

To make a Christmas wreath you will need:
cardboard, branches, spruce twigs, thuja branches, cones, twine, white acrylic paint, glue gun, dry moss (optional).

Cut the branches into 15 cm pieces. Cut a circle of 25 cm in diameter from cardboard and glue the branches all around the circle with a glue gun. If you like, you can also glue dried moss onto the branches. I glue it on to make it easier to attach the branches.
Lightly coat the spruce cones with white acrylic paint.

Place fir and thuja branches in the centre of the wreath. Attach them with a glue gun. Also attach a few spruce cones.
Glue a twine onto the three spruce cones. This makes a pendant.

Attach a pendant made from spruce cones to the centre, at the bottom of the wreath. Attach a few cardboard stars to the wreath.
The Christmas wreath is ready.


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