Realistic Ant coloring pages

Here is my collection of Ant coloring pages. First, I learned how to draw an ant, and then, when I learned the structure and the proportions of this insect, I started to draw all the ants in a row, photos of which can be found on the Internet.That is why all my coloring are only realistic, none of them are cartoonish ants.

If you want to become an artist, or simply learn to draw, then act like me – it is a very effective way.

But if you just want to paint coloring ,choose any picture and go!Keep in mind that the most common are black ants and red forest ants.

So paint your coloring picture of an ant in black or in red. But keep in mind that the chitinous integument of the insect is smooth and shining, therefore it is necessary to draw a glare.

Ant coloring sheet Ant coloring picture
Ant coloring picture 3 Ant coloring
Ant coloring picture - top view Ant coloring 13
Ant coloring page/sheet Ant coloring page 1313

As you can seeall of these ants are different…but very similar. So once again I will repeat – you can easily learn how to draw an ant(coloring) picture yourself.


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