How to make a candle holder out of cement

                                                   How to make a candle holder out of cement

A candle holder in the form of two halves of a Heart will be a great gift for Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary.
So, to make a candle holder we will need the following materials:
– cement
– sand
– boxes (from dense cardboard, different in height, but equal in width and the depth of the boxes should also coincide).
– foam plastic
– wine cork
– glue gun
– universal varnish
– box cutter
– rubberized mat
– red acrylic paint
– brush
– two tall candles (preferably red)
– marker


Step 1
Cut out two halves of the heart from foam. Glue each half into each box. In the top of the box make a hole and insert a wine cork into it. Grease the whole mold with oil.

Step 2
Mix the cement mortar. Pour the mortar into the mold and leave it to harden for 24 hours.

Step 3
After hardening, remove the product from the mold. Remove the foam heart halves and wine corks.
Scrape off any irregularities with sandpaper. Coat the product with universal varnish.

Step 4.
Glue the rubberized mat. Paint the inside of the heart red. Insert candles.

The candle holder Two halves is ready

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