Hare coloring pages for kids

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Here is my collection of Hare coloring pages:

Jumping Hare coloring Sitting Hare coloring picture Resting Hare coloring page
Fat Bunny coloring picture Hare coloring 13 Hare coloring 49
Running Hare coloring page Fluffy Bunny coloring page Sitting Hare coloring page
I want to tell you how I drew them. First I learned how to draw a Hare, but although I was sure the pictures were good and similar, it was necessary to consolidate my new Hare-drawing skill. SoI found a lot of Hare photos and began to copy them and then to draw the same, but flipped horisontally. See, it is very good and useful to draw from a photo. But the imagination must be developed too, not only to accurately copy. Drawing flipped images is one of the simplest techniques in learning to draw in general. And the same advise to you – do not simply paint colorings,but copy and somehow change the postures of the animals. But let’s get back to Hare coloring pages. Here,you‘re going to paint the Hare, but… what colors can hares be?

It depends onthe season: in winter they are white, the rest of the time – gray-brown.

Hare photos

Working as a drawing teacher ,I have noticed that children usually do not pay attention to the direction of hair growth and color no matter how horrible. Therefore, for example, coloring the Hare, I advise you to teach children the correct stroke along the direction of hair growth.

Bunny coloring

This is useful for the development of small muscles of the hands and to increase the intelligence of children.

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