How to make Christmas wreaths

For the wreaths we will need: a twig wreath base, spruce branches, decorative twigs, cones, Christmas toys, cotton, a reindeer and an angel, a glue gun, white paint (spray), artificial snow (spray). Make the base of the wreath. Take the branches that are not dry and twist them into a ring. Secure with string. Paint

How to make a Christmas tree out of twigs and cardboard

Take heavy cardboard (preferably from boxes), tree branches, dried moss, wine stoppers, stars, snowflakes and a glue gun Cut out two triangles and a circle from cardboard Cut branches to the size of the triangle and use a glue gun to glue them onto the workpieces on one side. Fill the gaps between the branches

How to make an original Christmas decoration

In the run-up to Christmas we want to decorate our house and give it magic. You can use our instructions to make an original decoration for your home. For the composition we will need: wooden ring, human figures, sprigs of Christmas tree, Christmas balls, garland, small cones, silk thread, glue gun Wrap the wooden ring

How to make a New Year’s Eve arrangement

For the New Year’s Eve composition, take a large glass goblet, a wooden house, a snowman, an artificial Christmas tree, artificial snowflakes, snowflakes, garland and glue. Take the Christmas trees, lightly coat them with glue and sprinkle with artificial snow. Sprinkle the snow into the glass. Place part of the Christmas lights with a switch

How to make a decorative Christmas tree

We’re going to need it: Styrofoam cone, natural dried reeds, tree branches, round sawed-off tree, twine, Christmas decorations (balls), some wrapping paper, fake snow (spray), glue gun Step 1 Take some wrapping paper and cut off two small strips. Roll them up and use a glue gun to glue the bottom of the cone. Step

How to make a decorative candlestick

With the advent of the Christmas holidays, many want to create a sense of festive coziness, today we will take a step by step a decorative candlestick. We will need: Two glass jars, a coffee coaster, two small “pill” candles, twine, natural dried moss, small cones, thuja cones, white acrylic paint, brush, scissors, glue gun.

How to make a candlelit Christmas composition

For the composition we will need: wooden planter, artificial flower oasis, snow-covered spruce branches, artificial berries, cones, dried lotus flowers, Christmas decorations, candle, glue gun First, take a flower oasis and cut it to the size of the wooden box and insert it. Insert the fir branches and berry sprigs, leaving space in the centre