Realistic bear coloring pages

Here is my collection of bear coloring pages:

Brown bear coloring sheet
Brown bear coloring sheet Bear coloring page
Walking bear coloring page Bear coloring page 2
Bear searching for food coloring sheet Standing brown bear coloring page
Realistic bear coloring picture

It is clear that you will color the brown bears brow and fulvous. And as this animal sleeps all winter long , you would be best to paint the summer landscape to complete the picture. Green grass with flowers,bushes, and leafy trees will provide fine colorful background.

And here are some Polar Bear coloring pages:

polar bear coloring picture Standing Polar bear coloring page Polar bear coloring page

Coloring pages of this sort I call -“Coloring Pictures for lazy painters”. As for me I love to be lazy.

I hope you will enjoy these Bear coloring pages as I drew them especially for you.

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