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Wild Boar head drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a wild boar head. Even adult domesticated hogs have a rather scary face. And wild boars have the whole faceĀ  covered with hard dark bristles, long curved fangs protrude from the mouth and facial expression is very unfriendly. They look severe. Well, now you’re mentally ready to begin to learn

How to draw budgers

Let’s learn how to draw badgers belonging to three species – the common badger, the honey badger and the American badger. I didn’t want to write three separate articles because they are relatives, and let them be together, just the three drawing lessons. We will draw all the animals in the classic sequence: first we

How to draw a baby polar bear

Let`s learn how to draw a baby polar bear. The kid, of course, is like an adult, but like other babies, he has a relatively large head and short legs. Cute bear, right? However, it is clear that if we want to learn how to draw animals, have to learn how to portray motion and

How to draw a lynx face and head tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a lynx face and head. Lynx is a large spotted cat of our forests. Its face strongly resembles the face of a cat. But there are some differences. The “classic” lynx face is framed by sideburns and so it seems very round. The ears are triangular, large and with tufts

How to draw a realistic Hedgehog

I prepared two step by step tutorials - how to draw a Hedgehog in which I have focused on a realistic image of a hedgehog - we examine in detail the structure of the scheme and movements of the animal.