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How to draw a groundhog(marmot)

Let`s learn how to draw a groundhog(woodchuck). I mean that very rodent, in honor of which the holiday is celebrated – Groundhog Day. Marmots live in deep holes and we can often see them standing as a pillar on their hind legs next to the entrance to the burrow. We will draw the groundhog just

How to draw a Mink tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Mink. First of all I warn you: animals related to martens are very similar to each other. Long, flexible body and neck, short caps and moderate tail length. They are all very mobile and brisk. Mink is a very typical representative of this family. Whenever you begin to draw,

How to draw an otter tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an otter. The word “otter” is related to the word “water”. It is not surprising – all otters lead either water or semi-aquatic life. Let’s move on to drawing and here’s our first lesson. How to draw an otter sitting We find a good expressive photo and the first thing

How to draw a wolverine animal tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a wolverine animal. Seeing this pictures I immediately decided to learn to draw Wolverine only from photographs, no attempt to work with nature! Well. Take a sheet of paper and draw looking at the screen. And not to be mistaken from time to time we need to compare the drawing

How to draw a Wolf Face tutorial

let`s learn how to draw a wolf face. I’m not going to waste time saying that wolf is a terrible beast that he has very wise eyes and he is surrounded by an aura of romance. It’s all irresponsible chatter. So we’d better get to it. Wolf full face drawing It is important to remember