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Sea Turtle drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sea turtle. There are several varieties of sea turtles. We shall begin with one of the most common – Chelonia mydas. Sea turtles, of course, are relatives of land tortoises and resemble them, but there are significant differences. For example, sea turtles can’t retract head and limbs under their

How to draw a spiny lobster (langouste)

Let`s draw a wonderful crustacean - spiny lobster/It has some other names - rock lobster, Langouste. Here is a step by step drawing tutorial for you/

How to draw a Lobster step by step

Have you ever seen such an amazing marine animal as lobster? We have prepared for you a detailed step-by-step lesson-how to draw lobster and hope that you will like it.

Cuttlefish – step by step drawing tutorial

Another article about drawing mollusks - learn how to draw a cuttlefish - one of the most interesting marine clams.

How to draw a sea animal Squid

Let us learn how to draw a sea(water) animal – squid. Squid, like an octopus, is a mollusk – a distant relative of a common snail. Gigantic squid reaches up to 16 meters length and so it is considered as largest invertebrate (spineless) animal in the world. Squid is a predator. It can be dangerous