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How to draw a Galapagos tortoise tutorial

This will be one of the turtles drawing lessons. Let`s learn how to draw a Galapagos tortoise. When I first saw a tortoise near, I was struck not by the shell, but by the fact that the legs were turned and twisted. Yes, the tortoise seemed to crawl on its knees and elbows. Then I

How to draw a grass snake tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a grass snake. Grass snake is a very common widespread reptile. Although I am an urban resident and I rarely walk on the nature, but I have seen many times living grass snakes. t is clear that the joy of such a meeting is usually overshadowed by the assumption that

How to draw a snake

Snakes belong to the class of reptiles, namely, the squamous group. Snakes differ from their reptilian relatives that they have no limbs and the body very much elongated. The snakes themselves are very beautiful. Moreover, many of them are poisonous and present a real danger. Terrible and beautiful they certainly are a popular subject of

How to draw a phyton tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a phyton. Do you know who are the pythons?The Pythons are non-venomous snakes that kill their prey in the same way that a boa constrictor that is strangulation. Some pythons can grow to very large sizes. It is here that we face the biggest challenge when drawing snakes -they’re long!It

How to draw a Monitor Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Monitor Lizard. The monitor lizard is the closest relative of the Komodo dragon. But still they are different animals and there are some distinction between them. So we’ll give the monitor lizard a separate lesson. Monitor lizard drawing – side view Yes, that’s the way we act – we’ll

How to draw an Iguana tutorial

Let`s learn how to  draw an Iguana. I have reviewed a lot of pictures of iguanas when preparing to draw these lizards. And what did I see?The main part of the iguanas posing as if doing exercises -push-UPS off the ground. I guess we also have to draw an iguana is in this position. Green Iguana

How to draw a Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Lizard. Of course,the concept of “lizard” is very broad. Today, we are going to draw the usual lizard – Lacerta agilis. We will discuss the appearance of this lizard while we draw it. Lizard drawing – top view Start with scheme of structure: Here it is very important to