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How to make a Paper Turtle

This is another article from the series “turtle crafts for kids”. Let`s learn how to make a Turtle out of paper/cardboard. But just know that this papercraft has nothing to do with the art of origami. We will make a turtle from a few cut-out pattern details. Papercraft turtle – lesson 1 You can see

Papercraft Fox

Here are detailed instructions for making a Fox out of paper. Cut the pattern out of colored paper, then make the folds correctly and you will have a wonderful toy- Papercraft Fox.

Leaf Templates

Leaf templates for paper crafts. These drawings of the leaves can be used as templates, coloring pictures or stencils for kid`s crafts. Some of this Leaf TemplatesĀ  are simple, otherĀ  have more complex shape. How are you going to use them? As for me I always try to come up with crafts for children so