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How to draw a Musk ox tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a musk ox. Have you ever heard of such an animal?I learned about them recently and immediately rushed to read Wikipedia. It turned out that despite this name there are no musk glands in musk oxen. And these “oxes” may not even be bulls but relatives of goats. No how!

How to draw an Arctic (polar) Fox

Let`s learn how to draw an Arctic  Fox. Scientists can not come to a consensus about whether polar foxes are relatives of foxes or wolves. Arcticoxes resemble both those, and others. An interesting feature of the Arctic Foxes is that depending on the season they completely change the image. In the summer Arctic foxes are

How to draw a baby polar bear

Let`s learn how to draw a baby polar bear. The kid, of course, is like an adult, but like other babies, he has a relatively large head and short legs. Cute bear, right? However, it is clear that if we want to learn how to draw animals, have to learn how to portray motion and

How to draw a White Polar Bear

How to draw a polar bear - a lesson from the series - how to draw marine animals of the North.