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How to draw a coral

Let`s learn how to draw a coral. For example, we are going to draw a picture depicting a sea or ocean bottom. Of course, if only to draw  sand and stones that will not be enough spectacular. Let’s decorate the bottom with corals.  Corals are colonies of marine polyps with a common calcareous skeleton. Polyps

How to draw a narwhal tutorial

Let`s learn  how to draw a narwhal. The narwhal is a relative of the toothed whales and dolphins. I must say that it looks more like a Dolphin, its length is not more than 6 meters. However, narwhals are toothed in the highest severity. However, we will come later to these amazing teeth. Now will

Blue Whale drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Blue Whale. The blue whale is the largest of all currently living animals, it can reach over 30 meters in length. Admire these majestic and beautiful inhabitants of the oceans: I admire all of them, but the last picture has fascinated me the most, this blue whale is irresistibly

How to draw a sperm whale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sperm Whale. The sperm whale is a relative of whales, but he is a toothed whale. He does not filter plankton, but preys on squids. I think it looks like this: But I’m ahead of the game. Let’s first learn how to draw a sperm whale step by step.

How to draw a Bowhead Whale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a bowhead whale. Bowhead whales live in the cold Northern waters reach 22 meters in length and live to be 100 and even up to 200 years! They feed on plankton – 18 tons per day. You can say they are not predators, but perhaps crustaceans that make up the

How to draw a Humpback Whale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Humpback Whale. Friends! Imagine, the humpback whale got its name not because he had a hump. They say that this whale arches its back strongly when floating and it gave a reason to call him a hunchback! Hampback drawing lesson 1 The body is shortened and tight, in front

How to draw a Sea Anemone (Actinia)

Let`s learn how to draw a Sea Anemone. Actiniae, or sea anemones (lat. Actinia) belong to a detachment of stinging marine animals from the class of coral polyps (Anthozoa). They look like flowers. If you look impartially, sea anemones resemble asters, but not anemones. Anyway, let’s learn how to draw Actinia. Sea Anemone drawing step