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How to draw a Mink tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Mink. First of all I warn you: animals related to martens are very similar to each other. Long, flexible body and neck, short caps and moderate tail length. They are all very mobile and brisk. Mink is a very typical representative of this family. Whenever you begin to draw,

How to draw a realistic Hedgehog

I prepared two step by step tutorials - how to draw a Hedgehog in which I have focused on a realistic image of a hedgehog - we examine in detail the structure of the scheme and movements of the animal.

How to draw a Squirrel step by step

Learn how to draw a Squirrel.I have prepared for you three step-by-step lesson - squirrel eating nut , squirrel sits and runs. Choose what you like.

Learn how to draw a brown Bear

Here are three step by step lessons of drawing brown bears. You will learn to draw a bear in profile and full face,calmly standing and walking. In general you will master drawing the bear fully.

Learn how to draw a Gray Wolf

Let`s learn how to draw a Wolf. Everyone of us knows this animal – some fear it for the reason of its cruelty, some admire its dignity and menacing grace. Probably nothing but a wolf was an ancestor of our contemporary domesticated dog. But most of today`s attempts to tame the wolf fail, and creature