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How to draw a Horse tutorial

Let`s learn  how to draw a Horse. As always, the problem arises here that a horse is not just a horse in general, there are many horse breeds and they differ in appearance. However, we will grow up to such subtleties over time, but for now, really, we will try to learn how to draw

How to draw a Bull head and face

 By the way, do you know how to distinguish cows from bulls in the face? I don’t know. If the bull very elite of the breed, it may be possible to guess that this man, judging by the size of the head and violent expression in the eyes. But if just the herd grazes and

How to draw a Bull step by step

We continue the study of the topic “Cattle drawing”. Let`s learn how to draw a Bull. What is the bull?It is a male cow -he-cow. They look similar,but,of course ,there are differences. And it’s not only the external sexual characteristics, but the exterior as a whole. The same animal,but castrated,called“the ox” and harnessed to a 

How to draw a realistic Cow

How to draw a cow - two step by step lessons. Let's draw - the cow standing and walking cow

Realistic and funny donkey coloring pages

Here are some  realistic  donkey coloring pages. And if  you  like  funny  pictures – print and  color any of  cute donkeys which I drew for you: What color do you want to paint a donkey? – Brown or gray! I prefer gray: And what are you going to do with a painted donkey? As for