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How to draw a Maple tree branch with leaves tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a maple tree branch with leaves. There are many types of maples, I chose the most ordinary – Acer platanoides. Here a twig with beginning to turn yellow leaves: As we are now learning to draw, we are not only interested in the Botanical aspect, but more in the sequence

How to draw mushrooms

Let`s learn how to draw different mushrooms. I mean not to draw stylized cartoon mushrooms, so that the pattern resembled real prototypes. And for this we need to learn how to draw mushrooms from nature. This is the surest way, although not the easiest. But we were not going to strive for simplicity. Let’s get

How to draw a blooming Lilac

Draw and colour the branch of lilac blossoms from life step by step.

How to draw a Daffodil(Narcissus) from nature

Daffodil is a wonderful spring flower.White petals and a yellow crown in the middle of the flower - no wonder Narcissus are so proud of its appearance. Let's learn how to draw a daffodil and perpetuate its beauty.

How to draw pears

We continue the theme – drawing fruits. Let`s learn how to draw a pear. How to draw a pear? What`s the difficulty? Every little child knows – a pear is like an Apple, only with an elongated tail, and resembles 8. Easy and simple, I said to myself. So, draw figure of eight and paint