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How to draw a Rabbit – step by step lesson

Three step by step Bunny drawing lessons - How to draw a sitting Rabbit and a walking Rabbit drawing.

How to draw a realistic Cow

How to draw a cow - two step by step lessons. Let's draw - the cow standing and walking cow

Camel coloring pages

Today  we are going to paint camel coloring pages. Camel is a large herbivorous animal from the desert and steppes. It belongs to so-called tylopoda (it means  swollen foot). There are domesticated camels as well as wild ones. Camel`s legs end with some kind of growths, much different from hooves. Camel inhabits the places with

How to draw a piggy

We continue to study the topic – Domestic animals drawing. Let`s draw a piggy step by step. The picture will be realistic: Do not forget that pig is a domesticated hog (boar). People tamed this wild and violent creature that used to spread terror around it many thousands years ago. And even contemporary pigs are sometimes