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How to draw a Sheep and a Ram tutorial

How to draw a sheep and a male sheep(ram). Everyone, I think, had the good fortune of seeing domestic sheep — such balls of wool on slender legs and with ingenuous muzzles with or without horns. How to draw a male sheep (ram) Probably, experts can point out many differences between a male and a

How to draw a Kitten tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Kitten. I think everyone in the world loves kittens. They are very cute and pretty. Little fluffy lumps with huge surprised eyes. Immediately you want to get home such a living toy. But then we realize that this kid will soon grow up into a great big cheeky cat

How to draw a donkey tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a donkey. The donkey is a relative of the horse and a little bit like this animal. However, there are significant differences. Let’s learn how to draw a donkey and while drawing, we will discuss its appearance. I want to start with baby donkey drawing. I found this adorable little

How to draw a Pony Horse tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pony. But we will not draw a cartoon character, who generally does not resemble pony. Real pony look like this! We will learn to draw such wonderful little horses. I loved prancing white pony in the photos. Now we will draw this fine pony. Pony drawing – lesson 1

Bullfighting Bull Drawing

I’m not a supporter of bullfighting, but in some countries this entertainment is popular and to such cases even  special fighting bulls are bred. One consolation at least that they came up with another option like dancing and gymnastics with the bull, not killing. But the bull ,I guess  still takes it very seriously. Now

How to draw a Rabbit – step by step lesson

Three step by step Bunny drawing lessons - How to draw a sitting Rabbit and a walking Rabbit drawing.

How to draw a realistic Cow

How to draw a cow - two step by step lessons. Let's draw - the cow standing and walking cow