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How to draw a Crab – step by step tutorial

This article is of the series – how to draw crustaceans. Here is the turn to crab. Different Crabs can live in marine, freshwater and even on land. It is clear that before starting to teach you how to draw any animal, I must first learn myself. When I studiedĀ  drawing of a crab, I

How to draw a shrimp step by step

Shrimp is a popular aquarium pet. It is beautiful and pretty.So let`s learn how to draw a shrimp. We have prepared two easy shrimp(prawn) drawing lessons for you.

How to draw a spiny lobster (langouste)

Let`s draw a wonderful crustacean - spiny lobster/It has some other names - rock lobster, Langouste. Here is a step by step drawing tutorial for you/

How to draw a Lobster step by step

Have you ever seen such an amazing marine animal as lobster? We have prepared for you a detailed step-by-step lesson-how to draw lobster and hope that you will like it.

How to draw a Crayfish tutorial

Learn how to draw a crayfish(crawfish) with the help of our two step by step drawing tutorials.