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How to draw a stork step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Stork. When I was going to draw pictures for the lesson how to draw a stork, I got really into and  spent the whole evening  drawing storks and cranes and herons. The next day I began to review the pictures and thought they were all so similar! How could

Learn how to draw a bald Eagle head

Today we will learn how to draw a bald Eagle head - meet two drawing tutorials - eagle profile and full face drawing.

How to draw a domestic Goose

Let`s learn how to draw a goose. Geese can be wild, but we are going to draw a domestic one. Let’s start with the simplе picture: Goose standing still. Goose drawing lesson – 1 Draw the torso: The neck is pointing up. Draw the wings: And here is our Goose picture^ Goose drawing step by