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How to draw a realistic echidna animal

How to draw a realistic echidna animal. I want to say, we will learn to draw not a cartoon character, but the Australian animal echidna. Echidna is a kind of egg-laying mammals belonging to echidna family. There is also proehidna, but outwardly it is very similar to echidna. I must say,it’s also very similar to

How to draw a Wombat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Wombat. Wombat is the original rodent, endemic to Australia. It is very similar to the usual bear or Koala. A few words about the biology of wombats. Although pretty,they are very large animals(even more than a meter in length) and they will not allow to offend them. Wombats are

Learn how to draw a Koala

Step by step drawing tutorial - How to draw a Koala hanging on a tree branch.You will surely enjoy drawing this cute almost toy animal which isso much like a Teddy bear.