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How to draw a kiwi bird tutorial

How to draw a kiwi? Actually, there are two things in the world with the same name “kiwi”. These are the Chinese gooseberries and the New Zealand flightless bird. It is this amazing bird, we will draw today. Kiwi can be compared to a regular chicken in size. The body of the kiwi is pear-shaped.

How to draw Australian ostriches emu and the cassowary

Let`s learn how to draw Australian ostriches emu and the cassowary. Although these birds are called ostriches in an old fashion, scientists do not consider them close relatives. Emu and cassowaries are cassowary. How to draw an Emu You agree that this great long-legged and long-necked bird is very similar to an ostrich. The same

How to draw a realistic echidna animal

How to draw a realistic echidna animal. I want to say, we will learn to draw not a cartoon character, but the Australian animal echidna. Echidna is a kind of egg-laying mammals belonging to echidna family. There is also proehidna, but outwardly it is very similar to echidna. I must say,it’s also very similar to

How to draw a Wombat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Wombat. Wombat is the original rodent, endemic to Australia. It is very similar to the usual bear or Koala. A few words about the biology of wombats. Although pretty,they are very large animals(even more than a meter in length) and they will not allow to offend them. Wombats are

Learn how to draw a Koala

Step by step drawing tutorial - How to draw a Koala hanging on a tree branch.You will surely enjoy drawing this cute almost toy animal which isso much like a Teddy bear.