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Wild Boar head drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a wild boar head. Even adult domesticated hogs have a rather scary face. And wild boars have the whole faceĀ  covered with hard dark bristles, long curved fangs protrude from the mouth and facial expression is very unfriendly. They look severe. Well, now you’re mentally ready to begin to learn

How to draw head and face of a mongoose

Let`s learn how to draw head and face of a mongoose. You’ve probably read about the mongoose Rikki-Tikki. And, perhaps, even wanted to draw an illustration to the tale about an animal-superhero. Of course, in order for the character should be expressive, we should catch his eye. On the Internet pictures of the mongoose show

How to draw a lynx face and head tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a lynx face and head. Lynx is a large spotted cat of our forests. Its face strongly resembles the face of a cat. But there are some differences. The “classic” lynx face is framed by sideburns and so it seems very round. The ears are triangular, large and with tufts

How to draw a Wolf Face tutorial

let`s learn how to draw a wolf face. I’m not going to waste time saying that wolf is a terrible beast that he has very wise eyes and he is surrounded by an aura of romance. It’s all irresponsible chatter. So we’d better get to it. Wolf full face drawing It is important to remember

How to draw a sloth tutorial

How to draw a Sloth. Three step by step sloth drawing lessons will teach you how to draw a sloth and his face.