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Deer coloring pages

First, I want to suggest you some cartoon deer coloring pages:

Elephants coloring pages

Here I drew for you  some elephant coloring pages – cartoon and realistic. Click images to enlarge and choose the elephant  for painting: And if you paint them all, then you’ll have a whole flock of cute cartoon elephants.

Kangaroo coloring pages for kids

Here I have drawn  several  kangaroo coloring pages for you. But to make sure that this is a kangaroo we’ll first see how they look: Such are the amazing long-legged animals that move by jumping. I looked at many photos and have drawn such coloring pages. When you choose the coloring that you like and

Dog coloring pages cute and realistic

Meet a collection of  dog coloring pictures: Choose the dog you like and paint. This dog coloring pages are mostly realistic, so it`s bettr to take the colors peculiar to specific breeds. But you have to understand that just coloring pictures leads only to the development of manual skills, but does not affect the development of