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Learn How to make a paper Face Mask of a Human



As I teach kids paper modelling and making simple masks,we begin with the themehow to make a paper mask of a human face.
Paper human Mask
Well if you know how to adjust the human mask to the face of a man, then learn to make convenient masks of animals is already much easier.

And the kids like thatthey make mini masquerade running around in their masks and try to guess who is who.
But let’s get down to making a human mask.
Take the album sheet(20×30 cm) and bend it along -it will be the symmetry axis of the mask and the nose line.

Mask making

Make a perpendicular fold approximately one-third(10 cm from edge of sheet) – this is the line of the eyes.
Now we have to be very careful.

On the bend at the eye line, draw half of the eye about 2 cm from the fold line of the nose.
Human Mask making
It is very important to understand and remember that all facial features we draw relative to the midline ( from bend), and not from the edge of the sheet.
Without straightening the crease line of the eyes cut out drawn half. And then unfold.
Man mask making
Now we’ll draw the facial features.I won’t give you the exact dimensions because each may customize the mask to his face.
Human mask  template
Cut on the drawn lines.
Human mask pattern
And draw another cutting line on the chin:
Man mask
Now I will show you how far it is necessary to glue the incisions tucks.
Human  mask  template
And let’s glue them:
Man mask

Here’s how to do a chin:

Human mask chin
And make easy folds on the eyebrow and bridge of nose:
Realistic paper Human Mask
Well,I have told you how to make a paper Face Mask of a Human with your kids.
This mask is enough to learn a lot while doing it and then wear it and have fun at the children’s carnival.




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