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Learn how to draw a Komodo Dragon



Let`s draw a Komodo Dragon.

 Komodo Dragon

Actually,it’s not really a dragon.It’s a giant lizard –Varan. But very large -almost three meters happen! The Komodo dragon is the predator of course. Quick and agile he is very dangerous. In addition, the bite of the Komodo dragon is poisonous. Scientists debate – either the poisonous bacteria live in his mouth, whether the saliva is venomous, has not yet been set, but the fact that wounds from its bite are terrible.

As for me,I love Komodo dragonswell, because I live far away and they just will not eat me.

But enough talk about love, it’s time to talk about how to draw a Komodo Dragon.

Komodo Dragon step by step drawing tuorial

Komodo Dragons

Unfortunately,the column width of the site is small and life-size dragon does not fit,it turns a little and looks not impressive.

Komodo Dragon step by step

Once drawn back and the belly and the length of the tail,add hind legs:
Komodo Dragon drawing
Mind you,our dragon goes on bent legs,not crawling ,dragging his belly along the ground,as is common in reptiles.
Komodo Dragon 3
And nowbrutal face:
Komodo dragon drawing 13
Draw the shadows.The Komodo dragon looks like a living:
Komodo dragon drawing 19
And here’s the second drawing lesson of the Komodo dragon.
Turned out such  Komodo dragon drawing:
 Komodo dragon figure
But I still want to tell in detail how to draw the head of the Komodo dragon.

Komodo Dragon head drawing

How to draw a Komodo Dragon`s head

Click images one by one:

The face of this dragon looks very impressive:
Komodo dragon`s head drawing
Well, now you certainly know how to draw a Komodo Dragon.



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