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Learn how to draw a Cricket



Let`s learn how to draw a cricket.

I’ve never seen live crickets. But Jiminy Cricket, who taught Pinocchio how to live and the cricket that sat on the nose of Uncle Charlie are my favorite characters.So I will learn how to draw a cricket with a lot of love.

House Cricket drawing

House cricket drawing

Hey, it is…the cockroach! But no, the legs are rather like a grasshopper. And the insect,  is as thick as mole cricket.

Okay, begin drawing. I want to say – begin with pencil sketching:Cricket pencil outline
Our plan is good and we start the Cricket drawing wings and thorax:
Cricket step by step
Add cricket`s head:
Phased cricket drawing
Now hind legsvery muscular and large:
Cricket drawing step by step
The other four legs are much shorter and thinner:
House Cricket drawing
What else is missing? Draw a long antenna,plump belly and what is that? Ho!This is an Ovipositor.This cricket is a female.
Cricket Drawing 13
Well, we now know how to draw a house cricket ,but the second lessonhow to draw a field cricket it looks quite another:
Field Cricket drawing

Field Cricket drawing step by step

Click the images to enlarge and draw one by one:

And here’s a picture. This cricket by the end of the abdomen has cerci,  however  no ovipositor ,then it is a male.
 field Cricket drawing 49
Now we have learned how to draw any cricket – house and field and male and female.
And, besides, admire some drawings of crickets:
Cricket silhouette
 This was an article from the series “How to learn to draw insects.”




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