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Learn how to draw a Caterpillar



Have you ever seen caterpillars? Who are they?
Are they worms? Or are they snakes?
Neither one nor the other, the caterpillar is the larvae of butterflies. And another question – what period of life  is more important for these insects: in voracious creeping caterpillar, or in the form of a flying butterfly.
Let`s learn how to draw a Caterpillkar.
I found on the Internet this couplethe caterpillar and its future incarnation.
This Caterpillar is  delightful and disgusting at the same time.

Caterpillar drawing step by step tutorial

Caterpillar realistic picture

Let’s start with the sketchthe caterpillar resembles a sausage. In the picture it is heavily curved. We need to mark the middle line of the body – here it is arc like.
Caterpillar drawing
The torso,as is the case with all insects ,is composed of segments.
Caterpillar step by step
 Now Refine our pencil sketch:
Not such a complex structure,to be honest. But now we have again to approach the matter honestly.

In cartoons and children’s books we often see cartoon caterpillars with cute faces and smiles. The real caterpillars don’t have anything like that.

On the back they may have a pattern of spots,but it is not the eyes.
Caterpillar drawing for kids
Now you have learned how to draw a Caterpillar, at least one of them.



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