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Learn how to draw a brown Bear



Let`s learn how to draw a brown bear.


Have you ever met live bear in the woods? I have seen bears only at the zoo and decided that I don’t wanna know  such a beast  personally. They are huge and terribly strong. And they’re weird – not like other animals. They are not cats and not dogs. Bears are like people! They are omnivores, able to walk on two legs, and they are plantigrade. Cunning, smart, easily trainable, natural, forest people.
But let’s move on to the first lesson how to draw a brown bear.
Brown Bear drawing

Brown bear  drawing  step by step tutorial 1

Any picture you want to draw start with a sketch!

Brown bear

You must have a General planscheme of the image you want to draw. And if you are a novice artist, this plan does not have to be in your head, but honestly drawn on a sheet of paper.
Draw the torso ,it is very massive and covered with thick hair. On the back we see prominent withers, then how would dent the saddle and croup steep arc. The stomach is also arc -we have a chubby bear.
Brown bear drawing 1
I already told you that the bears are plantigrade,so that the legs are similar to human limbs.
Bear step by step
Bear phased drawing
When the bear goes on four legs, he keeps his head lowered:
Brown bear drawing 13
Now fasten the material covered ,we will  learn how to draw  a bearwhich  walks quickly.
 Walking Brown  bear drawing
Draw in the same order.
Brown Bear pencil sketch.
When you have the sketch, draw the torso and then legs.
Together with the head  the drawing of the bear turns out like this:
Brown  bear drawing for kids
Now you know how to draw a bear side view. But let’s learn to draw full face as well.

Brown bear front view step by step drawing

Brown  bear front view drawing

Now we will draw a bear`s muzzle. The face is round, the nose is long and strangely narrow. Eyes are small and widely spaced. The ears are rounded.

 Brown bear face drawing
Well,here is the final drawing of the  bear:
Brown  bear drawing
We learned how to draw the  figure of a brown bear, and the face drawing will be next time.



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