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Leaf Templates

Leaf templates for paper crafts. These drawings of the leaves can be used as templates, coloring pictures or stencils for kid`s crafts.

Some of this Leaf Templates  are simple, other  have more complex shape. How are you going to use them? As for me I always try to come up with crafts for children so they develop manual dexterity and hand  skill. For example -this leaf templates are very good for  making an applique.  I will describe this paper craft  in short.

  1. Print this sheet :
    Leaves Templates

    Leaves Templates

    Color the leaves brightly and  cut them out from the paper.

  2. Templates of leaves
  3. Draw a  large  tree:Drawing of a tree
  4. Trace templates of the leaves placing them on the branches  and color the outlines: Paper Crafts for Kids Making this crafts the children will be trained to cut with scissors, to glue the parts exactly at the right place and paint without leaving the contour.
  5. We wish you success!



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