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How to make an Apple from sculptural clay

Let`s learn how to make an Apple from sculptural clay.

If you want to learn sculpting it is best to start with sculpting from life. For example Apple is a great model for the first experiments in modeling.

Modeling an Apple from life

Take a large enough piece of clay. Give it a spherical shape.

Modeling an Apple

To level and smooth the surface of the ball we have to roll it on a flat surface.

Modeling Apple-11

The ball is ready. But the real apple has a indentation on the anterior part of the fetus:

Sculptural clay apple

And at the base of the Apple deepening of the deep,conical and the stalk comes out of it.

Modelling clay apple

Now you know how to make an apple from  modelling clay (sculptural plasticine). Later I will teach you how to make other Apple crafts



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