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How to make a paper Lizard



Recently I was presented a roll from paper towels, this is not a small  toilet paper roll, but a powerful tube.

It would be silly to spend such big pipe on the small stuff. So I decided to make a paper lizard. But not just a lizard, it must be a real Komodo dragon.
A real Komodo dragon
Well, first cut the cardboard tube lengthways. Now it is necessary to straighten and smooth out the resulting rectangle. And cut out this pattern:
Lizard pattern

When you release the cardboard, it will immediately roll into a tube.

And now your task is to correctly bend the legs and make the folds on the face.
Paper Komodo Dragon
Wellthis is our Komodo dragon, but if you are afraid, you can call it just a paper lizard.
As soon as I made the Komodo dragon out of paper, the people immediately brought me another cardboard tube – they want another lizard!
Paper lizard
And here is the pattern of the second paper lizards:
Paper lizard pattern
Well,this paper lizard much cuter and nicer.



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