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How to make a Halloween paper bat



Learn how to make a Halloween bat out of paper.
Today accidentally I found a paper bat made for last year Halloween. It looked so pretty!
Paper Bat
I immediately decided that I need to tell you how to make a paper a model of a bat.
Now I will dismantle my bat on the details and we will start assembling.
Paper bat template
The photo shows only one part for the body,but we really need two of the same on the back and on the belly.

View – these parts should not be glued tight,but with a gap, as the pocket – you need to give volume to the body.
Paper bat step by step
In addition, you need to bend the wings so they look nice.To do this, swipe arcs –  bat`s fingers and carefully make curved bends.
Paper bat for kids
For the face you’ll need two parts – the face and nose:
Paper bat patterns
Glue the nose:
Paper bat face
And glue the muzzle to the head of a bat:
Paper Bat
Well, a paper bat for Halloween is ready. Twinkle twinkle little bat!



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