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How to make a DIY papercraft Fish out of toilet rolls



Let`s learn  how to make a papercraft fish.  I had a lot of toilet paper rolls and made my crafts out of it without saving.

DIY  papercraft FIS

This craft took me four rolls.

Roll  1  – the head.

Slightly flatten the roll:

Toilet Paper Roll

And  make two symmetrical cutouts:

DIY Fish detailes

Make incisions in the corners of the mouth:

Papercraft  fish head

Roll 2 – the body.

On the second roller, we make 4 cuts at both ends for about one third of the length.

 Papercraft  fish body

Roll 3 – the tail.

Cut this TPR along:


Twist a cone out of it and glue with a glue gun:

TPR  Fish-craft

Cut out the fins from the fourth roller. Please note – they must be large enough so that you can bend the flaps at the base of each for gluing.

All the details of the  TPR fish

Bend the jaws towards each other and in this position  glue the corners of the mouth.

Fishout of paper or cardboard

Insert the second  roll(body) into the head and glue.

Papercraft fish step-by-step

Insert a cone with a tail fin into the body:

Fish craft

Glue all the other fins on their right places:

 Diy Paper Fish out of toilet paper rolls

It may seem that the design is  little bit complex, but when you turn on, you even like it. And the fish turned out to be very similar to the pike.




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