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How to make a Cat Mask



Let`s make an easy Cat Mask out of paper. However, it is better to use cardboard -the stronger, the better.

This mask looks like this:
Cat mask
So you need a standard sheet of paper -30х20sm. Here is the pattern – details for the Cat mask:
Cat mask templatehttp://drawingandcrafts.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1314&action=edit
I drew the pattern on the reverse side of the sheet of red cardboard.
Now cut out the parts with scissors along the contour. But the eye holes cut out with a utility knife.
Cat mask parts/
When the pattern is all cut out, start working with the forehead of the mask.
Cat mask forehead
Glue the two Darts on his forehead, I used a stapler just because of the rush.
Cat Mask for carnivals
 And now you just need a stapler: the inner side of the mask on the bridge of the nose twice make a small tuck:
Cat Mask 13
From scraps of cardboard cut two triangles and glue them in sections at the temples:
Cat mask step by step
And bend the slits on the nose and glue correctly:
Cat`s mask
Glue the cuts on ears.
Cat mask 49
And connect all the parts together:
Paper Cat mask
Now a few details for decoration:
Paper cat maskAnd here is the finished cat mask:
PPaper Cat MaskPut  on your boots on and go to the carnival!
This is our first cat craft, and then there will be a lot more DIY about cats.



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