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How to make a Bear out of paper/cardboard



This is one of theToilet Paper Roll Crafts which I invented for you.

I‘ll just say – any artwork of the toilet paper rolls can be done without them, just take a peace jf cardboard, roll it into a tubeand everything is o`kayyou don’t need any toilet stuff.

But I make these crafts from toilet paper rolls just because I have the glory of the inventor, who will make anything out of anything. So my kids and bring me tons of anything, for example,  toilet  paperrolls. And it is necessary to apply them.
Well, let’s make a bear out of paper.
Take the roll, cut lengthwise and flatten slightly.It now stands as a tunnel. And then cut out the feet of the bear .Make sure that these legs were the same thickness and length.
Toilet paper roll crafts
Toilet paper roll crafts - Paper bear
From a piece of cardboard cut out the head. And again – keep it symmetrical.Paper craft Bear
Draw facial features:
Bear craft
Now glue the head to the neck.
Paper Bear craft
I wonder what do these bears eat? But I hope that is not toilet paper.




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