How to make a bat craft

Life experience, statistics and feedback from all those involved assert that the best holiday is the one for which we are seriously prepared. Even a fun and slightly rambunctious Halloween is no exception! Of course, scary costumes and candy in the house on Halloween are a must. But you can also decorate the house. For example, turn it into a real bat house. I’ll show you a few techniques for making these symbolic holiday animals. I am sure you will want to try not just one, but several. Just don’t forget to tell me in the comments what you did and how you did it!

Fold an A4 sheet of coloured paper lengthwise. Glue the edge of the paper.

Fold the second edge of the sheet and glue it to the first edge.

Fold the work piece crosswise in half.

Bend the edge of the billet to the centre line (fold line). Turn the billet over, and fold the second edge of the billet to the middle in the same way.

You get two pockets into which you can slip your fingers to make the bat move.

Glue the eyes on one side of the blank.

Cut out a rectangle with 2 rounded edges from red paper. Glue this rectangle between the two pockets. This is the tongue.

Cut out 2 triangles from the white paper. Bend the edges of the triangles to make it easy to glue these pieces to the edge of the top pocket. These are the fangs.

From the blue paper, cut a strip just under the width of the pocket.

Fold the strip in half crosswise. Cut along the fold line. Round off two corners in each of these workpieces.

Trim the flat side of the blank in a wavy pattern. These are the wings.

Glue the wings to the top pocket on one side and the other.

The result is an eye-catching bat that can fly with our help!

You can choose the colour of the handicraft. And we made a mouse that flaps its wings. Be sure to subscribe to my Instagram, I often post useful templates there.

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