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How to draw Fox head and face tutorial



Let`s learn how to draw  fox head and face. For fun, let’s start with the portrait of Fox, three quarters. Find beautiful Fox face on the Internet and draw on paper constantly comparing with the sample. Lay your drawing to the screen and see how  how well you manage to convey the similarity.

Start with the pencil sketch:

How to draw fox head and face

What is the most important thing in the sketch? I will tell you: construction lines! Draw the middle line of the face, the line of the eyes, the ears line. And then place the facial features exactly in accordance with these lines.

Now we are ready to make a beautiful drawing of the Fox face step by step.

Fox head drawing step by step

Long pointed nose gives the fox face a  cunning and sly expression.

Fox head drawing

The ears are large and triangular.Inside they are overgrown with hair and therefore, look very massive.

Fox head three guarters portrait

What color is the fox? The fox is red! But not the whole. Cheeks, throat and breast are white.

Fox head and face colored drawing

Well,we’ve all learned how to draw a portrait of Fox, three quarters. About the head of a Fox in profile I will write later. And now read how to draw Fox full-face in the article about Arctic Fox.

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