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How to draw a zebra tutorial



let`s learn how to draw a zebra.

I’m sure that you do not need to explain who this zebra is. Anyone from child knows about amusing black-and-white striped horses living in Africa. Another thing is that in fact they are not very funny, they are so wild that they do not give in to domestication (respect!) And people destroy the natural habitats of zebras the way they can. But let’s not talk about sad things. We will talk about how to draw a zebra. In the world there are several types of zebras, they differ mainly in the structure and color of the strips, but we will not go into these taxonomic subtleties.

Outline a draft in pencil:

How to draw a zebra

Draw the body as it is the largest part of the whole animal. The tummy is tight, the back is with a slight deflection – the body looks very athletic:

Zebra drawing  tutorial

Draw a thin and slender hind legs and a fairly long tail with a tassel at the end.

Zebra drawing lesson

Now it’s time to draw the front legs. Note that Zebras are odd-toed.

 Zebra drawing step by step

The head, like the other horses, looks great:

Step by step Zebra drawing lesson

On the head and along the neck and back, the mane resembling a rigid brush.

Zebra line drawing

The body of the zebra is decorated with a pattern of cross strips. But do not draw these strips mechanically – like a shadow from the fence.

Zebra colored drawing



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