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How to draw a Wildbeast (antelope gnu) tutorial



How to draw a Wildbeast.  Wildbeasts are also called gnues. Gnu is a genus from the family of the tubicorn.

Wildbeast drawing – lesson 1

1. Pencil the sketch:

Antelope gnu drawing

2.  Draw the body. The shape of the trunk is characteristic: withers with a hump, belly like a barrel:

Antelope gnu step by step drawing


3. Hind legs are long and thin.At the end of the tail there is a long, thick brush of black hair:

Wildbeast  drawing lesson

4. The front legs are slender and straight:

Antelope gnu drawing  tutorial

5. A large head on a thick neck looks heavy:

Wildbeast  line drawing

We draw a blue wildebeest wildebeest and now color it as they  are used to be:

Wildbeast colored  drawing

Wldbeast step by step drawing lesson 2

The second wildebeest will be drawn in the same sequence as we did the previous picture.

1. Pencil sketch.

Wildbeast pencil sketch

2. Draw  antelope`s body.

Antelope gnu drawing

3. Draw rear legs.

Antelope gnu drawing step by step

4. Draw forelegs:

Gnu drawing step by step

5. The head with curved horns resembles the head of a buffalo.

Blue wildbeast line drawing

6. Color our Wildbeast correctly.

Wildbeast colored drawing 2






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