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How to draw a Triceratops dinosaur



Learn how to draw a Triceratops dinosaur.

Like Tyrannosaurus, triceratops was one of the last which survived till the great disaster and perished in it, if our scientists are not mistaken. In contrast with Tyrannosaurus it was apparently herbivorous, but, maybe, even more dangerous and aggressive. Triceratops, judging by remainders, and incomplete skeletons, had very distinguishing appearance.

Trceratops skeletons

From the first sight it resembles contemporary rhino, (and probably led appropriate way of life). Huge strong and fat torso with its muscled legs, neck protected with so to say collar and head as big as head can be, with its three menacing horns – this is a portrait of triceratops.

 But let’s move on to  drawing Triceratops.

Step by step Triceratops  1

First of all draw a pencil sketch. It will give the opportunity to see the future picture in general.

Triceratops pencil sketchThere is nothing new and special in its whole body including tail and legs.

Triceratops drawing -step 1Add hind legs:

Step by step triceratops drawingAnd now-front legs:

Triceratops body and legs drawingOnly one thing – probably the rear part of the body was larger than front part so the withers were above the croup (like a rat and not like a bull). Entire interest and difference, what makes triceratops the one is its immense head and neck with collar. Collar, as it seems, means protection and can vary in the sizes. Two large horns protrude from above the eyes, and pointed almost straight forward, and the little one situates above the nostrils of the creature.

Step by step triceratops drawing 5The eyes are small, and mouth like a mouth of the rhino, resembles a beak.

Triceratops DrawingThere is an important contemporary issue about the posture of the dinosaurs, and first scientists portrayed them with their head lifted high and the tail lowered, today thispoint of view has changed and the head of the monster, while the latter walks, situates almost in the same level with tail. You may choose any type you like, because there will be no certainty at all – uncertainty is the nature of the science.

So here is the second  step by step lesson. I issued them to the gallery.So ,click the images to enlarge.

How to draw a Triceratops 2

Well,we drew a fine and very realistic Triceratops Dinosaur. But it is only an outline. May be it needs coloring?

Triceratops drawingThis picture is more interesting but something is missing still.

Let’s continue  drawing  and make it interesting and living.  Add some horsetails and ferns to feed  our new pet:

 Triceratops pictureI hope you liked my step by step lessons  and now you have learnt how to draw Triceratops.



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