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How to draw a spoon from nature for kids



Let`s learn how to draw a spoon. Typically, a spoon looks like this: a small oval ladle on a rather long, slightly curved handle.

We’ll start by sketching out the length of the spoon and the width of the scoop, and outline the general outline.

Spoon drawing step-by-step

Next, let’s clarify the shape of the scoop – it is shallow, but the difficulty is that it is located at a certain angle in relation to the handle.

Spoon  drawing  for kids

Well, the drawing seems to be ready, but the image looks flat and unconvincing. Therefore, we will add shadows – they will give volume to the image.

Spoon drawing  from nature

Well, I think that you cannot learn to draw such a “cleverly” arranged dish like a spoon at one attempt. We’ll draw again, but we’ll position the spoon differently.

Step 1

Spoon drawing lesson

Step 2

Step-by-step spoon drawing for kids

Step 3

How todraw a spoon

Well, now we have learned a little about how to draw spoons.



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