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How to draw a spiny lobster (langouste)



When I searched the Internet for pictures on how to draw a lobster, among the photos of the crayfishes with huge claws I saw the others – without claws!
Spiny Lobster photo
What is it?- I wondered. Did the gluttons managed to break off the claws off the lobsters alive?

But after reading Wikipedia, I found out these were spiny lobsters -relatives of Omar, they just do not have claws.

They are also called  Langouste.
But what beauties! I immediately fell in love with them even more than the lobster.
Of course we have to learn how to draw a lobster.
And here – a whole lobster with antennae and legs and a long tail:
Spiny lobster drawing
But this picture is small.Langouste can be up to 60 centimeters in length.
Let`s  paint our spiny lobster. Since I love all animals alive and wantthem  to live happily in their natural conditions, then let`s draw some sea water for our spiny lobster.

Spiny Lobster picture

Best of luck to you, dear langouste!



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