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How to draw a shrimp step by step



Let`s learn how to draw a shrimp.

Shrimp photo

Let’s just agree that we’re looking at shrimp, not as a delicacy. Our approach is not consumer-oriented. We love and respect all fauna and those of decapod crustaceans including.

As for me,I felt special sympathy for the shrimp once met one of them. This shrimp lives in the aquarium of my friends. On the day of our first meeting it majestically walked along the bottom brightred and blue and a great bigabout 10 centimeters and with very long antennas. Then caring owners put some stones in an aquarium for their pet. The shrimp made a shelter and since that time nobody saw it`s face ,only the antennas waving from behind the rocks.

Now let’s move on to drawing a prawn  side view.

Shrimp drawing – side view

Shrimp picture

Start with the obligatory sketch:

Shrimp pencil sketch

When learning  before drawing it is imperative to perform a sketch. Having  this pencil sketch before our eyes, we can control the proportions  and similarities in general.

And only after the sketch we can begin to draw. Since  the shrimp belongs to crustacean and looks very similar to cancer and lobsterwe shall draw in the same sequence.First – cephalothorax:
Shrimp drawing 13
Add abdomen , it consists of segments and has a fan of fins at the end.
Step by step shrimp drawing
The head part of the crustaceans is very complicated – jawы, support legs…stalked eyes and a bunch of antennas:
Shrimp phased drawing
Now draw the legs, decapods have ten:
Shrimp drawing -side view
And to repeat the topics  draw the second  shrimp.

Shrimp step by step  drawing – lesson 2

 Shrimp colored drawing

Well, click the images one by one  to enlarge.

 And that’s what we’ve got:

Shrimp outline

Well, I learned how to draw a shrimp, and how about you?



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