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How to draw a Robin redbreast tutorial

How to draw a Robin.

Robin – a small bird of passage known for its high-sounding songs and bright colors.

Step by step Robin drawing lesson

Step 1 – pencil sketch:

How to draw a redbreast

Step 2 – draw the body. This bird from the side looks plump and almost round, but it is not due to obesity, but because its feathers loosely fit to the body and create the appearance of volume.

Robin body drawing

Step 3 . The head is round with black beady eyes and sharp straight beak.

Robin  redbreast drawing lesson

Step 4. The bird is relatively long-legged.

Robin drawing step by step

Step 5 – draw the wings folded on the back and a short tail.

Robin redbreast coloring  page

Step 6. Robins from the back are painted in a gray-greenish color. This bird has a white abdomen, a red head, a throat, chest and sides of the head.

Robin colored drawing





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