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How to draw a realistic Lemon



How to draw Lemon Fruit step by step.

If you want to draw from any fruit known to you, it is best to draw from life. Drawing from photographs is also good, but if you can get a real lemon, of course draw it as you see with your own eyes. So I bought a lemon put it right in front of me on the desk and took the album.
Lemon Drawing

So, here is a pencil sketch of my lemon, I drew exactly as I saw it.

Lemon is neither round about and nor very oval, it`s shape is specific  with  elongated nose and tail. But if you have got the shape, in fact  there is nothing left to draw more.
So it is high time to come  to painting. I will paint with watercolors.
How to draw a lemon realistically
 And here is step by step lesson -how to draw a  lemon realistically.
  1. Painting a lemon
  2. Step by step painting a lemon

Painted picture of a lemon

Well, we got a portrait of a lemon`s superficial appearance. But inside it is even more interesting!Who remembers what color is the pulp of lemon?  Yellow or green?

I take the knife  and resolve all doubts immediately, and I go on drawing:
Pencil sketch of a lemon
The slice of lemon reminds Bicycle wheel.
And we go on drawing:And we continue on with watercolor:
Lemon painting
Draw details:Realistic lemon drawing And here is the final picture –portrait of lemon inside and out:
Lemon picture
Expressive painting – very acidic even at a glance.
I’m sure you have now learned how to draw a realistic lemon.





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