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How to draw a realistic Banana plant



If you look at the banana,then immediately comes the idea-that’s a tree!

Banana plants

But the joke is that a banana  is grass in terms of botany. Big gigantic grass.And the banana is not a palm tree! A completely different, independent plant.
And here I want to help children who do not live in warm areas and draw tropical plants as the imagination dictates.

Banana plant drawing

The trunk is high ,at the top of it-like a fan or even a fountain stretches  long elliptical leaves.
Banana plant sketch
From roots to crown the whole trunk is covered with petioles of dead leaves. The leaves themselves are so great that often tear along the veins and therefore it seems, that they have the scalloped edges.
Banana plant sketch
These leaves would grow up to the sun, but under their own weight  they arcuate bend to the ground.
Banana picture
Well,the banana is drawn, it is necessary to color it right. What do I mean by  “to color right”?
The fact  is that  it is necessary to stroke the leaves of any plant in the direction of its veins!
Banana leaf drawing
And please note that green leaves are not all the samesome are lighter, others darker. There are yellowishgreen leaves,there is a spectral green,and on the other we see the cold shadow. In general, do not paint the leaves as a wall painter ,but make the diversity.
Banana Tree drawing
Well,now we know how to draw a banana plant, wait for its fruit and will also draw them…and  feast.
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